About Hypnotherapy

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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy where we use hypnosis to reach beyond our conscious thought process to help us make real changes in our behaviour and thought patterns.

As with some other types of therapy or counselling, we can explore, rationalise, and change unwanted beliefs and behaviours to overcome challenges we experience in our everyday lives. However, unlike most other talking therapies, hypnotherapy aims to tackle these changes at the powerful core of our decision making and behaviour – our subconscious mind. 

How does it work?

Hypnosis is a completely natural state for our mind to enter and is likened to being in a deep state of relaxation – in fact we can sometimes wander into deep relaxation and unawareness ourselves – such as when driving a familiar route to work, or staring out of a train window on the daily commute – only to realise we have ‘forgotten’ a part of our journey.

During hypnotherapy, the therapist simply acts as a ‘guide’, taking you on a journey deep into your own thoughts where you are totally relaxed and completely in control.

Hypnotherapy is different to lots of other talking therapies as it works with our subconscious mind to unlock deep-rooted blocks and barriers that prevent us from living a full, healthy and positive life. Hypnotherapy takes a holistic approach to understanding our deep-rooted reasons for a specific pattern of behaviour, feelings or anxiety, and works with our mind to overcome the challenges we want to overcome in day to day life.

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