Hypnotherapy FAQs

How many sessions will I need?

Each person is different and like any form of therapy, people respond in different ways.  We will explore your presenting symptoms during our initial consultation meeting and I will advise how many sessions would be beneficial for you.  As a guide, for most issues I would recommend between 4 and 6 sessions.

How long do the sessions last?

Most sessions last just under one hour, with the exception of Stop Smoking Now which is a one-off session of 100 minutes.

Will I be touched during the session?

No, you will not be touched or asked to move around.  Most clients feel extremely relaxed and usually stay in the same sitting or reclining position whilst under hypnosis.

Will I remember being under hypnosis?

Everybody’s experience of hypnosis is unique to them.  You may experience a very deep trance with little or no memory of the session, or you may be able to fully recall and remember everything.  There is no right or wrong, this is your experience and your response will be dependent on lots of different factors.

Can anybody be hypnotised?

In short, yes! If you think about hypnosis as a deep state of relaxation, then it is almost certain that you can be hypnotised. A person will not do something under hypnosis that they don’t agree with, or if it goes against their morals, making hypnotherapy a completely safe form of treatment.

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